Lesson Types

Standard Lessons -


Standard lessons are available in both an automatic and manual vehicle. My recommendation for a standard lesson is 1½hrs. This has been found to be more beneficial to the pupil, enabling them to maintain concentration levels whilst maximising learning potential.
However, no pupil is the same and lessons can be structured according to individual need.


Disabled Driving Lessons -


Provided in an automatic vehicle that has been adapted with a right hand push-pull control, an integrated indicator switch, a flip-up left foot/right foot accelerator pedal and an infrared secondary control system.


Refresher Lessons -

Useful for those who already have their licence but have either lost confidence or feel they have not gained sufficient experience on the roads.  Refresher lessons cover all aspects of driving and are available to all ages, no matter how old your licence.

Specific Training Lessons -

These lessons are for experienced drivers who feel they would benefit from further tuition with specific driving skills, for example reverse parking, driving in the dark or dual-carriage way and motorway driving. 

Pass Plus Courses -


The pass plus scheme was introduced to encourage drivers who have just passed their test to undertake more advanced driving techniques not covered in the driving test.  It is particularly useful as it offers the opportunity to experience motorway and dual carriageway driving.  The course is available to all ages but is of particular benefit to young drivers as a certificate of completion may reduce insurance premiums.

Prices are competitive and we also offer block-booking discounts on weekly lessons if paid in advance.   

Gift vouchers are also available.